Skin, o’ so soft!

A baby’s tender skin needs gentle care, else it may remain ‘baby-like’ no more! Their delicate skin, being very delicate and sensitive, can bear allergies and reactions such as rashes, cracks, and so on. To keep a baby’s skin safe, we must:

  1. Use baby-skin friendly products, be it lotions, shampoos, creams, etc. These have pH balance suited to baby skin, and are generally safe. But one must take care and observe how a baby’s skin takes to the product used on it. Not all babies’ skin may take well to ‘baby-safe’ products, for they still have chemicals.
  2. Hydrate the baby. Make sure to keep the baby hydrated, by providing it ample fluids. No moisturizing beats inner hydration. Especially during the winters, when people tend to expose their baby more to the sun, it must be hydrated accordingly. The best way to avoid chapped lips and cracked skin especially on the cheeks. Remember! Wetness is not hydration.
  3. Let the baby’s skin breathe. No matter what the season, it is best to dress the baby in soft, absorbent clothes made with natural fiber – cotton is of course the best bet, especially for the inner clothes, to let its skin breathe and not retain the toxic sweat or remain sodden in it, due to low absorbency of its clothes. Thus a cotton vest and cotton-like, soft diaper pants treat your baby’s skin just how it deserves – gently.“The softest ever Premium Care Pants brought by Pampers, with its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and of course, your baby happy.”
  4. Moisturize a baby’s skin regularly, especially during the winters. Their tender skin needs extra care at all times. The cold dry wind can easily chap and crack a baby’s skin. So it must be moisturized frequently. Especially the areas that are wiped or washed repeatedly. Also, one must make sure the moisturizer doesn’t clog the pores.
  5. Bathe the baby regularly. Its skin needs to get rid of the toxic substances left behind by sweat, creams and powders etc. that clog pores, and of the dead dermal layer on the surface. Declogging the baby’s pores thus, ensures it has a soft, healthy skin.

These simple day to day things are some simple ways to keep the baby’s skin, just like it is – o’ so soft!




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