We love him with all our hearts…and salute our soldier, our pride!

“Ahh!” Suddenly there was shooting pain in his head, from having been hit with something heavy and metal, his grip loosening on the cricket bat he had been playing with a couple of minutes ago; hardly out of the shock of just having evaded (by dint of fate/luck) being shot at point blank…and hit hard once again…and again…and the fourth time, when he began falling to the ground, both hands gripping the back of his head, where he was bleeding profusely; the world reeling and blanking out, both at the same time!

“This, for nosing in our matters, and for trying to act smart with us and teaching us how to ‘behave’ with girls” His assailant had been gritting between his teeth–one his best friends, and his immediate neighbour, that is.

The park where he had been playing cricket with his friends had emptied out (of them all) at right at first the gunshot, which he had evaded acting on instinct, in the nook of time, while evading the other two had been sheer will power.
But he had had the disadvantage of having his back to his assailant, and overpowered, he hadn’t been able to prevent the ensuing onslaught! The missed fires had enraged the equally tall and strong assailant, who also was at the position of advantage.

He lay bleeding for some good few minutes, writhing in excruciating pain, while word carried somehow to his home and his older sister came running to his help…his rescue (There being none else at home, at the time)! And, while his assailant, thoroughly scared now, ran off to hide himself and his gun.

It was sheer luck and his family’s love and his grit…and his mother’s mighty faith, of course, that saw him through, with a number of stitches in the three gashes on the back side of his head, and the pain and trauma, of course…and nothing as worse as it could have been.

As he was to recall later, he had asked some of his friends against leering and making cheap, nasty comments/remarks at their classmates and juniors, as they ran at the school’s annual athletics meet. He had insisted with them not to. He had always been one to treat girls respectfully, and look at them as fellow human beings. But this wasn’t so, in the society, the circle he belonged to! And, one must pay a price for holding his own…

Much as they had quietened at that time, not wanting to make a big issue of it, evidently, they hadn’t stopped there!

And, he didn’t stop either…he still respects women and continues to treat them respectfully, and get them their right (place); wisened from his past experience though, he holds caution close to his heart, and watches out for the potential aftermaths. A proud father of two lovely little daughters now, he must!

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