It’s love because I have Dove!

“Oh not again!” Went my sister, being woken up early morning, to braid my hair.

“I’m not doing this anymore! You’ve got to learn to braid them if you so wanna grow your hair long!” I nodded, dejected.

I practiced the whole day after school, to braid my hair, I could do a good job with the left one, but the right one always came wrong! So, I went to school the next day, with one braid right! Hoping of course, to get my friend to help with the other one, until I could get it right myself. And she helped of course–my best friend that she was…still is! So, she helped that day, and the next, and, I did similar favours for her each day too–I wasn’t the only one! 😀

Hey, let me braid your hair today, came another friend, one the next day. I looked at her, surprised. And she did my braid that day…even insisted on redoing the other one! Was something wrong with her?She took over the ‘responsibility’ and did well at it, until another one wanted to, after a couple of days! It left me puzzled of course, what had gotten into my friends, but I played along; it’s good to have stand bys in case one of them got bored. So, they took turns (chasing ahead of the others to do it).

“Something’s wrong with them!” I said to my best friend, and she smiled.
“Hey, tell me what’s going on here!”
“They love the feel of your hair, of course. What else.” she shrugged “And I thought you’d figure this much out!” she added.

“What?!” I though surprised “it’s just ‘hair’ like everyone else’s.”

My hair grew waist length in a couple of years, and my friends loved playing with the ends of my braids–I’d loved to braid them myself, now, of course.

Time passed, school days got over and we went our own ways, to pursue our studies ahead and take up careers. We met someone or the other once in a while, but that’s it. It was mainly through mails that we kept in touch.
And, then one of them planned a get together, and we met recently, at her place, to relive those old times, more than to catch up. My braids figured into the conversation at one point, and suddenly my ‘bun’ was being frowned at, for I had worn my hair up–I wore it up all the time when I was out.

“To keep it out of the way” I said smiling, to get rid of those ‘looks’, but failed!

“It’s convenient” I offered, as an explanation.

The stare still…some still frowns!

The topic got switched some how, and I sighed with relief.

“Oouchh!” we all heard my friend who had playfully pulled out the stick that held my hair up, and had wound the long black tresses around her hand. Ouch!
“What’s wrong?” They all asked, and I didn’t know where to look, embarrassed, as she made them feel my now prickly hair! Yes, the reason for my wearing it up! The split ends just wouldn’t go, and had made my hair rough and frizzy. So much so, that even the beautician thought it wasn’t a good idea to shorten it, for it would look worse kept open, and couldn’t be tied up for being short!

And then, one fine day, I found my saviour in my mailbox! Dove! A sample that promised rescue from split ends, to begin with. Two washes down the line with this ‘Split End Rescue’ duo (shampoo and conditioner) and do I like it?

“I love it!” Yes, I don’t wear my hair up anymore! “I love the feel of it once again and just can’t stop playing with the ends of my braid!”

“Boy, am I happy? I’m on top of the world with the return of the lost glory…yes, it’s my crowning glory! (flaunts hair ad style!)

“Love it! Love you Dove!”

You’ve got to believe me…or check this out:

Dove Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids! IndiBlogger Contest


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