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Business Sutra: A review

“What business have you even reading, leave alone reviewing this book on Business Management?!” Asked my friend, “shouldn’t you be focusing on your research?” He went on. Well, for a student who isn’t even remotely likely be into business, who … Continue reading

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A soldier within and without!

It came back to me out of the blue–in the middle of working on my research paper, and took me by surprise, how vividly I remembered each detail of it, once it came back, and was I abashed, to have … Continue reading

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We love him with all our hearts…and salute our soldier, our pride!

“Ahh!” Suddenly there was shooting pain in his head, from having been hit with something heavy and metal, his grip loosening on the cricket bat he had been playing with a couple of minutes ago; hardly out of the shock … Continue reading

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It’s love because I have Dove!

“Oh not again!” Went my sister, being woken up early morning, to braid my hair. “I’m not doing this anymore! You’ve got to learn to braid them if you so wanna grow your hair long!” I nodded, dejected. I practiced … Continue reading

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