Traditional, but not quite…

Traditional wear not just set in the festive mood, they give it the right flare and leave our spirits soaring high! For, they serve to revive the delicate bond with the culture and the traditions, that lie at the very heart of any festivity. Yes, for some (of us), they bring out, from under the dust of busy schedules, stress, and so on, the gentle strings that tug at our hearts, bringing us back (yes, close) to what we had some somehow, distanced somewhat. And for others, that keep close with the traditional, no matter what, it is a rejuvenation of the spirits, that lay under the burden of being for granted and routine!

Well, this said, no prize for guessing that I’ve chosen the ‘traditional’ as the festive look for SS-the-perfect-festive-lookme, this festive season. All the same, it isn’t the ‘rigidly’ traditional I have selected, as my ‘perfect festive look’ courtesy Shoppers Stop. Ok, so, I’ll let the pictures do the talking (well, most of it), hereon.

Well, lets unfold it bit by bit…So, to begin with, the ethnic look this skirt has, had me decide this is what I want, the moment I set eyes on it!


Yes, like I said, I would dress traditional, but this doesn’t bind me with rigid threads of superstition such as in the choice of colour, or even of it being ‘really Indian’, so…yes a skirt (western) with traditional Kutch-work style detailing near the hem, and of course the hint of colour the string hanging from the waist adds–this and of course, the colour black, stole my heart and took it to the point of decision (for there was another skirt I was kind of debating about)!

And, to go with the beautiful skirt, I chose…


Simple, yet elegant, this ‘Indian’ pink kurti, is just the right choice, to add to ‘the look’. The intricate border enhances its plain fabric and the simple cut. And, I love the ‘boat’ neck!

Well, the dress in place, it would be incomplete unless accessorized. So I have this very pretty…mmm, let’s have the picture do the talking here!

The perfectly pretty necklace!

The perfectly pretty necklace!

Given a closer view, the necklace beautifully picks up the colors of the kurti (of its base tone and the border) it is to be worn with, here. It’s a real complement, and of course, a compliment to the ‘dress’!



The earrings

Yes, for the earing, I selected this pair, that is a perfect fusion of the ethnic and the western, with the flower and the stem…just what I wanted!

SS-magenta-watchA perfect watch to pick up the colour theme! And there’s this delicate bracelet, so the other hand won’t be…mmm…let’s say, left out.catalogimageservlet

And, this awesome pair of sandals that I simply went head over heels in love with! Yeah, I’m perfectly fine with their low heel.SS-sandals They so pick up the hue of the skirt! Need I say more?!

SS-magenta-clutchAnd just the clutch…not just the colour, but the delicate sequin work and the texture (fabric) make if oh so ‘perfect’ with its ethnic finish, and not so ethnic lines.


The ensemble

And, this completes the ‘perfect festive look for me’–traditionally oriented, yet not suffocatingly so…a perfect blend of the ethnic/traditional with the contemporary–yes, the ‘fusion’ look, that ‘s traditional, but not quite…

Well, thanks Shoppers Stop, for letting us indulge…it was a near real experience, and I loved it!

There’s something I would like to add here…I did feel a challenge at times, finding the right kind of things to complete my ensemble. For instance, though I loved the look of the earrings I selected, they could have been, less ‘golden’ to blend more with the colour theme.


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