Martin L King Jr. to ABBA to Rashmi Bansal…“I have a Dream”

I have a Dream…mmm let’s see…

As I got down to reading the book, story after story came on to me, awe-inspiring as they are…(and much as I wouldn’t want to say it here, I couldn’t just go on with the book cover to cover, like I would with some ‘fiction’! This, for the simple reason that these are no ‘fairy tales’ with angels! These are lives of real people doing great deeds simply because they are all for doing their ‘due’ and more, for the cause of humanity!)…they overwhelm!! And require lesser mortals like me to recharge and get back to grips before we can go on! Well, I took my own time in reading it, so I could do better justice to Rashmi Bansal’s efforts to celebrate the deeds of those that celebrate humanity…and life, in the truest of sense, that can be!

This said, lets look at what the book has in wait, for its readers:

As the back cove says it, it is “the story of 20 idealists who think and act like entrepreneurs” each in the league of their own! And yet, there runs a common thread through it all:“Be the change you want to see in the world.” (as Mahatma Gandhi philosophized.) They all work with all their might, and prove that “change starts with one person, and that person could be someone next door”. They are the people next door who chose to employ their innate humanness and all of their faculties to make a difference to the less endowed! To achieve “ a greater common good” through leaving no stone unturned, in not just thinking, but even ‘acting’ differently…by giving different hues and manifestations to a ‘common’ dream!

While some of them are ‘Rainmakers‘ who ‘Weave the People‘ ‘Rags to Riches‘…’Prodigal Sun‘ ‘Moving Mountains‘ or even heeding ‘The Sound of Silence‘, other are ‘Changemakers‘ who take “a small step towards making it as it should be.” And there are ‘The Spiritual Capitalists‘ that choose to live by the ideal of service, still, “Because they believe purity of purpose and selflessness of spirit can transcend every limitation”…where by, there are the likes of Shreesh Jadhav that hold “up a candle…a light of hope in the darkness of the selfish, me-first world.

After all, not just anyone would come out right and say, (to none other than Rajiv Gandhi,) “if you really want to have a battle then battle on the content of education and how it is to be delivered!” Or proclaim “If I tell you desh mein do hazaar crore ka ghotala ho gaya, it’s just a story. But if I tell you the kachcha road outside your house has been ‘made’ last year, as per municipal records, your blood boils.

They have mights of steel, and wouldn’t (didn’t) take ‘no’ for an answer though they had to lose (lost) even  those/what would matter most in life…the likes Sumita Ghose, who didn’t break down and give up their dream upon losing their spouse at the altar of their cause, but continued by themselves, to make real the cause that took away their spouse! (Sumita’s husband was murdered by ULFA for mobilizing locals to build their own embankments so they wouldn’t be washed away in the tide of corruption, each year!)

Further, excerpts directly from the ‘protagonists’ placed here and there, on grey backdrop, on the top or bottom of some pages, and ‘Advise for young entrepreneurs’ at the end of each ‘story’ makes it an even better (could be read impressive/effective) read.

I guess this is it from me…let Rashmi do the talking here on! 🙂

Btw, this review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free ‘author-signed’ books! 🙂

And yes, thanks BlogAdda and Rashmi Bansal, that I have ‘I have a Dream‘! 🙂


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