Chasing Rainbows

Mini lived in a village with her parents. She had lived all of her ten years like any other girl of her age…well, almost! She was a happy child who lived in a world of her own most of the time–except when studying…at times even when she was working at little chores with/for her parents.

During times of her own, Mini liked to chase butterflies and clouds and lying in the grass, she wove dreams around them for hours in a row. Colorful dreams of sailing on clouds, into the depths of the sky, and coming back with rain when her farms were all parched.

On one such journey, while Mini sailed on a cloud, she let the helm loose and let the cloud be, as she soaked in with pleasure, all that was around. She lay basking in the moment, her eyes closed, when a sudden jolt brought her back. Her cloud had struck something, and seemed all aglow. “Oh! it looks like my boat is on fire!” Putting all her senses on alert, she went to check what was ‘wrong’ at the steering end. What met the eye upon reaching there, was beyond fathom! Her cloud had struck the sun head on, and the water they’d been carrying, was dripping all over the ground below! And this end of her cloud was blinding bright and beautiful! Try as she did, she couldn’t move the cloud boat away, and there wasn’t any breeze to help. All she could manage, was to bail out of it on the rope ladder she always kept handy. But it just wasn’t her day, she thought, as her rope gave in mid-way, and she landed on the ground with a thud–on her back. She opened her eyes as soon as she recovered from her daze, and lo! There she saw in the sky, just above her cloud, peeking out of it, a lovely colorful bow!

“Oh! Did I chance upon some magic?” she thought in elation, her smile widening with every passing moment. “I shall call it a rainbow” she smirked, “since this bow comes from the rain.” Just then a fat drop fell on her face, into her eyes, blinding her for a bit. And when she opened her eyes again, it was all gone–the sun, her cloud, and of course, the rainbow! With tears in her eyes Mini looked at the dull, darkening evening sky. Her mother at her side with a bowl of water, asking her to come home with her. “Oh mother! What did you just do!” she despaired. “You just shooed away my cloud and my rainbow!”

“There will be more rainbows” her mother said smiling at her. The words were promising and Mini was her happy self again. Now mini kept in the real world most of the time, waiting for rainbows…but they didn’t happen–not as often as she would like anyways.

She loved the rainy season and walked looking up at the sky, all the time–silently beseeching for a rainbow, asking and directing the laden clouds to go strike the sun, but none adhered. She despaired all the time and soaked herself in work. She stopped looking towards the sky and the clouds and the sun because they weren’t hers anymore. She had disowned them all!

One day, as Mini sat indoors, reading, her mother called her out. She didn’t want to, but had to comply, for, she wouldn’t stop calling her name out!

“Yes moth…” her words trailed off as she stepped out. There was a big rainbow across the sky–bigger and brighter then her lost one! Mini’s happiness knew no bound. She ran towards it with her arms wide open! As if to embrace it. “Yes! You are my rainbow!” she said. “You’ve grown bigger and brighter!” she smiled at it. She reveled in its presence for very long, but then she realized that it was dimming, and beginning to fade at the ends. Not knowing what to do, she ran to her mother, asking her what to do to stop it and keep it. But her mother just said “there will be more rainbows” with a smile. The rainbow faded off and was gone soon.

“Why did it go away mother! Why does it always go away?” she cried. “Why?”

Her mother came forward, took her daughter in her lap and said:

“so many things fade, so many die;
this is how it goes, there’s no why!”

And Mini never despaired again.


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2 Responses to Chasing Rainbows

  1. jam1982 says:

    And Mini never despaired again
    ‘Min’i had become ‘max’i now! 🙂

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