a story

A beep brought her attention to her mobile and the message “delivered to Kumar” flashing on it. She unlocked the screen and switching the mobile off, shoved it deep down, to the bottom of her bag. If only memories could be shoved away like this! She hoped the flight would take off soon, and carry her away…far away from the world that had meant the life to her! The world that had crashed all around her, into bits and pieces! The very pieces she now wished shoved somewhere! She looked out the window again.

She had just learned of the malady that was hers for good. Life had come to a standstill in that one moment…physically, and otherwise! Sympathies on friends’ and acquaintances’ faces alike, ran shivers down her spine. Of course it was hard to decide what killed her a little more each passing moment…the pain writ large in the eyes of her parents and siblings or their brave smiles!

“No driving. Especially two wheelers.” “No jerks, bumps what so ever. Any one of them can be fatal…or even worse”, the doctors had said in unison. “And yes, no stress, no strains please…emotional, physical or mental” “Yeah sure!” she would have screamed if her throat weren’t so choked! “3-4 months max! Come back asap, having decided when and where you would like the surgery performed.” “Would like”!! “performed”!! “no stress” “no strains” The words had reverberated in her head, in symphony with the constant buzzing sounds from deep down inside her head, that kept the background score going!

She’d have wished herself dead if she hadn’t promised herself to go on, come what may…to be her parents brave daughter! “I will face it and live through it! I will not die out on my parents!”, she had promised herself, and kept it until now, and would, until she could help it!

“Would you like some juice ma’am?” from the hostess broke her reverie. “Thanks!” she said, with a smile. It amazed her how she could smile even at times like this. “Life does teach you ‘things’ at every step!” she thought. “Some good always emanates off even the worse. Yeah, it does! Hadn’t it taught her to smile when things were rough, and especially when they ought to look smooth!”

The plane was taxiing now, and the view outside caught her attention. It was time to take off, at last! Soon she’d be home with her family! She was glad she’d be out of here soon. So what if she wasn’t headed where she’d intended to…she’d so wanted to…so looked forward to! Life has her own way of making decisions for you…like the one here, and now, for her. She continued to look out the window. The view blurred soon as much due to the clouds, as due to strayed focus.

“I’m not coming” She’d messaged Kumar–one of her best friends–before switching off her mobile. She’d so looked forward to meeting him and his cousin Ruchi, who’d endeared herself so much to her…and all in such a short span of time! Wasn’t it just yesterday…or so it seemed!

Life certainly had looked on, ever since…

“Thank God for the diversion!” she thought, as the flight stewardess handed her her food tray and moved ahead. It didn’t happen because it still wasn’t time for her to meet them! Hope there’s ‘a time’ for it though! For now, she had to go home, and be there, until some miracle…”I hope miracles happen for ‘real’!” she hoped with a wane smile, as she made herself busy with the food that didn’t interest her in the least! “Yeah, soon I’ll be home…”


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  1. Jam says:

    Awesome 🙂

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