The pretty girl

My friend and I at small talk:

My friend: We live in Pallav Puram Phase-I, A Block. Have you been there?

Me: Yea, once, to attend a friend’s wedding last to last year. She was my senior.

My friend: Ok. What’s her name?

Me: Vandana Kapoor.

My friend: Oh! you came for that wedding too? That girl, the bride, is our neighbour. So, I was there too! But we didn’t know each-other then, so probably don’t remember seeing each other there. 😮

Me: Yea. 🙂

My friend: Achchhaa, do you remember seeing a very pretty girl there, who had a beautiful thick long black plait, with a red rose bud casually tucked at the top of her plait?

Me: (thinking) mmm… I don’t remember. But there were so many pretty girls there, it’s hard to remember! 😛

My friend: Maybe…but I can never forget how lovely that girl and her hair were, and her poise!

Me: Hmmm

Another day after quite some time:

Me: These are some pics of my friends and me. Here’s a pic from that wedding where you saw your unforgettable mystery girl!

My friend: Hey! Look, can you see this girl’s hair? she is her…in this pic!! 🙂

Me: Really? Let me see (I look) Who?

My friend: This girl, in the back ground…in black chiffon saree. You can see her hair too, and the flower!

Me: What?!! You’ve been talking of this girl!?

My friend: Yea. Why?

Me: Hey!! This is me!

My friend: Oh!! 😮
Ah life!


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