Only eyes!

A very shy girl once found a pair of beautifully sketched eyes rendered directly in ink, on her notebook. The caption of the sketch read ‘only eyes speak!’ She and her friends tried for quite some time to figure out who it was, and decided it was the guy S, who’s very good at sketching. One friend even tried to take him into confidence and ask, but he denied.

A couple of years they met again, thanks to social networking. They chat:

S: Hi, how are you?

Me: Hi, I’m gud. And how are u?

S: I’m good!

After some catching up:

S: So, ma’am, I’m really glad you speak now, because, I don’t think you’d do a great job teaching with ‘only your eyes’! 😛

Me: Lol!! So, it was you!!

S: Yes! What else would I do…it was so frustrating that you didn’t speak even though you wanted to!


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One Response to Only eyes!

  1. 317cauvery says:

    convert this to a short story 🙂

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