small is ‘big’!

This happened last October, when I was shopping for Diwali, (one of the major festivals in North India) with my brother. I sat next to a couple of wicker baskets full of earthen lamps (diyas) of various sizes, selecting each piece carefully. (I had to buy 5 big ones and 25 smaller ones, per the customary count.) I casually commented that the small diyas were getting smaller each year, though they were always costlier than before. He pointed me to another basket, and this is when I saw these miniature diyas that really fascinated me since they looked cute! (They were in a small basket next to me.) “They’re so well suited for someone’s doll house” I thought, smiling to myself at the image that my mind conjured of it.

Having taken my pick, when I approached the potter selling them, he asked me to wait since he was settling the ‘bill’ with another customer. I looked on as they conversed and counted, for lack of nothing better to do.

“5 big and 10 small” the customer said, and the  potter agreed and nodded after he had counted.

My surprise knew no bounds to see the diyas that man had bought. He had 5 small diyas and 10 ‘miniature’ diyas in his hands! I was so moved by it all…I just stood there out of my wits, with moistened eyes! That customer was a cycle-rickshaw puller for whom my ‘small’ diyas were ‘big’!

Now I knew what the potter had meant to say by pointing me to the basket of those miniature diyas!

How we sometimes (many times) take all that we have been bestowed with, for granted…quite easily so, to think of it! And even complain for what is ‘not’…!


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