On board AP Express, en-route to Hyderabad.

Sometime in the middle of that cool November night, when the train had just left Gwalior station.

Me: ouchh!! (I sit up suddenly) ouch!!! (another one, as my head bumps on the middle berth).

I see a woman, sitting on the edge my berth now, since I just pulled my bandaged foot from under her!

Me: Excuse me, can you please move away from my berth!

Woman: No, I’d rather sit here.

Me: (taken aback) You’re disturbing me! You just sat on my sprained foot you know!

Woman: Ya? That’s all your fault! Why did you sprawl it right until the edge of the berth? You can’t complain now!

Me: Well, whatever…this is how I can rest it, and I need to sprawl it even more now, since it’s paining more after you sat on it. So please shift to some other berth.

Woman: (Angrily) You have such a big berth all to yourself! Why should you want to sprawl all over it and sleep?!! Learn to adjust a bit and let me sit here for a while! Fold your knees and sleep. I’ll be gone from your berth once we reach Hyderabad

Me: (To myself) So will I! 😮 Where the hell is the TT?! Why can’t he allot a berth to this crazy woman!!


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