Cultural shock

Terry (My host mother): (to me) Is it ok with you if a male doctor examines your swollen foot?
Me: What?!
Terry: I’m sorry about this hun, but there’s only this male doctor available for the next couple of days.
Me: Terry, it’s OK. I have no problem at all with him examining my foot.

The next day, at the doctor’s clinic

Doctor: (to me, with a smile) Young lady, I’ll have to touch your foot to have a good look at it. Please don’t take me wrong.
Me: (to the doc, smiling) Sure. no problem. (to myself) well…what’s going on?!!

After an hour, on the x-ray table, at Squamish General Hospital
Attendant: Are you pregnant?
Me: What?!!

Attendant: (smiling sweetly) Are you pregnant?

Me: (embarrassed. Smiling to cover up) I’m not married yet!
Attendant: That’s OK. I just wanna know if you’re pregnant. We’ve got be sure you know!

Realization dawns!
Me: (feeling even more embarrassed now) Oh! no…no, I’m not pregnant!
Attendant: Cool, then we can go right ahead with your foot x-ray. (smiles at me)
Me: (to the attendant) Cool. (to myself) PHEW!! Alright!!!


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