Some spelling errors!

Sometime post Mid-term exams

Me: I’ve graded your answers sheets. Please review them for your errors and also for the marks assigned.

Student: Ma’am, could you please review my answer for the question on ‘letter writing’? I seem to have written the letter well except for some spelling errors. Possibly, I could score more marks in it.

Me: OK, bring it.

I read the letter:-

Dear Raghu,

How are you?…I’m planning to come to Delhi in a few days to settle our finance issues. When I come there, I’ll MEAT you and your sister in PIECE, FRIED…

OK, this is it for now. Until I come and MEAT you, be well.

Your friend



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2 Responses to Some spelling errors!

  1. Manjula says:

    Can you help me understanding, what he is trying to say with PIECE FRIED… here :),
    i guess teacher students ki bhavnao ko samjhta hai 😉

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