…some very strange things happening…the guy who was cooking back where i was walking away from, comes from the opposite direction to tell me my phone is ringing…i pull it out of my pocket, it’s not ringing. he smiles, the phone starts ringing after a moment. i look up, the guy is nowhere around…even my friend behaving very wierd…then someone/something (invisible) pulling hard at my hair. my friend smiles when i tell her this…i try to go away from the place…

that’s when i woke up/opened my eyes, only to see a sudden, very bright, momentary flash–for a split second. The next moment my whole body convulsed and I had goose bumps! I couldn’t sleep so got up, switched on my light and computer. I went to open the door to let some fresh air circulate, and find it was unlatched! It wouldn’t stay closed earlier due to the wind, so I couldn’t have left it unlatched yet shut! Strange!


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2 Responses to Strange!

  1. Jam says:

    reading alchemist? 😉

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