Holy cow surprise!

On a cool late summer evening

D: Hey, let’s have the yummy fruit you introduced me to, yesterday. I loved it!

Me: sure.

D: Ok, lemme cut it

Me: great! 🙂

After a few minutes

D: I guess I should have taken a bigger knife for it.

After a few more minutes

D: Jeez! This needs a still bigger knife alright!

A few more minutes pass, D struggling to cut the fruit through.

D: Oh crazy! Why can’t I cut it! I never knew it took expertise cutting a mere fruit! [To me, exasperated] Hey, can you cut it please! I’ve tried even the sharp meat knife and still can’t cut this silly fruit! I’ve struggled with it enough!

Me: Sure, no issues.

I take the mango, cut it…

D: Holy cow!! How can a small fruit like this have such a big stone inside it!! No wonder this ‘king’ of fruits is hard to fall! It has a heart of stone! 😀

Me: Ya eh! And you were trying to cut through its heart of stone all this while! 😀

D: I wish we hade more of these here, in Canada! I’d be friends with him too then 😛

We both have a good laugh along with a plateful of the blissfully yummy mangoes.


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